Nothing is absolutely good or absolutely bad. There is good and bad in everything.

For example happiness!

People think happiness is all good. They think that the ultimate goal is to
attain happiness. We do everything for happiness. Happy people are
successful people and fun to be around with. We work hard, eat, play, buy
stuff for happiness. We also choose career, choose friends, choose spouse
and go on holidays for happiness.

But there is a downside to happiness as well.

Happy people are less likely to pay attention to detail. They are so happy and upbeat, they focus on an
overall picture. They tend to ignore crucial points to note about a person, situation or project. They may
recall false facts about situations owing to their positivity. They may make better managers focusing on
creating an overall good atmosphere but they may be bad at hiring and firing because they miss
important cues to personality.

Happy people are less likely to pay attention to detail

owing to their positivity.

Another example could be ‘Fear’!

Fear makes us run away from things. Fear makes us cowards. We are unable to face anything and deal
with things if fear arises in us. People think fear is bad. But there is a good side to fear. Fear protects us
from dangers and undue stress. It safeguards us from situations we may have previously dealt with but
are not able to cope with yet. Fear keeps us safe until we learn how to cope or handle the situation
when it arises again. Fear lets us make wiser decisions. It may compel us to take action.
Similarly mindlessness is not all bad. The drifting of our minds to different places is a tool of creativity
and imagination. Hence there is a good and a bad side to everything. Every coin has two faces. Every
story has two perspectives. It is the balanced approach to life and things that is not only promoted by
our deen but is also successful and the most loved approach to life. Can you think of other examples of
grey instead of the black and white thinking? Comment below.