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“Unless you Know yourself, You cannot Attain your True Goals in Life"

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My journey of SELF - DISCOVERY

My journey from becoming an Electrical Engineer to a Mathematics Teacher to a Life Coach and now a Counsellor in Psychotherapy is a journey of self-discovery and finding my answers.
After spending a few years in industry I shifted my focus to education and joined a private school where I taught IGCSE Cambridge Mathematics for 6 years. I learnt that the school systems were not fulfilling their prime purpose of producing leaders. I spent some time understanding the psychology behind how children learn. After having studied works of many notable psychologists and psychotherapists I now know what makes a person turn into an autonomous person or a leader!
After having found my place in my career path, I am on a mission to help others find themselves. I take clients on a journey of self-discovery based on the Enneagram model where they answer a set of 154 questions that determine their current personality.  We then dive deeper and determine which energy level or STATE they are operating at and then dive deeper to debug their set coding which is keeping them stuck. By following a guaranteed step by step process which has been tested on thousands of people we achieve clarity of mind and real confidence, groundedness!

MY MISSION is to help people start on this inner journey to discover their current personality and patterns so that they are able to consciously change them. This charges up their life and makes them a master manifestator – TRULY INCREDIBLE!